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Frameworks for Developers - The Monthly Dev #25

January 31, 2023

The Monthly Dev brings world-class speakers to empower the developers' community, once a month. Made with ❤️ by


We're excited to announce our next event in this series with an awesome lineup of speakers! See details below.

Opening remarks by Francesco Ciulla (Developer Advocate at

Ryan Carniato

Jordan Powell

Ray Gesualdo


Speaker: Jordan Powell

Talk Title: API Testing Made Easy With Cypress

Abstract: API's are a vital part of how we build applications today. It's how we send data from point A to Point B. They are sort of like the planes, trains and automobiles of the digital world. Though they are a key piece to building applications, they aren't always easy to test. In this talk, I will show you how easy it is to write API tests using Cypress


Speaker: Ryan Carniato

Talk Title: Rethinking Isomorphic JavaScript with SolidStart

Abstract: It is no secret at this point the focus of JavaScript Frameworks has returned to the server in the last couple of years. This is not because we are returning to our past. But we are at a crossroads with our widely held opinions of what the future of the web looks like.

Starting time: January 31st, 8AM PT (SF) / 11AM (NYC)

0:00 intro 6:25 Jordan Powell, API Testing Made Easy With Cypress 46:14 Ryan Carniato, Rethinking Isomorphic JavaScript with SolidStart 1:25: 30 Conclusion

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