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Ng Conf - Cypress for Angular Devs Hands-on Workshop

October 17, 2022

We have many amazing things for Angular developers in the latest release of Cypress! Join Cypress DX team members Jordan Powell and Ely Lucas in this session as we go over new tools to help you build reliable Angular apps. First, we’ll take a look at the new Protractor Migration tool. Deprecation is a word we typically hate to hear as engineers. But with news of Protractor’s deprecation coming soon, migrating to Cypress can become something you love! In this section, you will learn how easy it is to take your existing applications using Protractor for end-to-end testing and migrate them to Cypress. Next, we will dive deeply into Cypress Component Testing for Angular. Component testing allows you to test Angular components in isolation, greatly reducing the time and complexity of testing critical UI functionality. This section will cover how to set up component testing and write your first tests with it. Along the way, you will learn the core concepts needed to be successful with Cypress and discover some other tools we have in the works. Bring your laptops as this is a hands-on session! We will have a few labs to allow you to try out these new features and ask questions with Cypress experts on hand.

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