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Angular Belgrade

September 01, 2022

★ Bringing Vite to Angular with Analog

★★ Talk details:

Let's talk about Angular, Vite, and meta-frameworks. Vite has taken the entire web ecosystem by storm, almost. Angular currently supports Webpack as it's underlying build tool. We still want Angular to keep up with modern tools, which is where Analog comes in. Analog, a fullstack meta-framework for Angular that builds on top of Vite, to take advantage of it's ecosystem to build Angular applications faster. This talk is about how it started, and where its going.

★★ About speaker:

Brandon Roberts is a Developer Advocate, focused on community engagement, content creation, and collaboration. He enjoys learning new things, helping other developers be successful, speaking at conferences, and contributing to open source. He is a GDE, technical writer, and a maintainer of the NgRx project building libraries for reactive Angular applications.

★ Angular Component Testing in Cypress

★★ Talk details:

Cypress released it's public beta back in October of 2017. Not long after, it became the undisputed heavy weight champion of the automated testing world. It made end to end and integration testing actually effective, fast and fun! It had just one problem... Components. Thankfully with Cypress's 10.5 release of Angular Component Testing, that problem no longer exists! In this talk, you will learn how to get started with Cypress CT and some best practices to start writing component tests in your applications.

★★ About speaker:

Jordan Powell is a GDE (Google Developer Expert) and Developer Experience Engineer at Cypress. He is passionate about writing "good code" that is easy to read, test and maintain over time. He has over a decade of experience in software development, marketing, design, and video production. Jordan also serves as the CEO & Co-Founder for the non-profit Dream On: Global. When he is not working, he spends his time as a husband, father and Cleveland sports fan.

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