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CodeMash 2020

January 20, 2020

I just got back from yet another year attending CodeMash. This year, like every year was an amazing experience. I was able to reconnect with so many old friends and even make some new ones. CodeMash in my opinion is one of the top regional tech conferences. You know you will get a lot of "bang for your buck" every time you attend CodeMash. At just $300, it is affordable for anyone who wants to come to the 2 day all inclusive conference.


Jordan Powell at CodeMash 2020

CodeMash offers several different learning tracks (I believe 5). This wasn't the case in it's early years but was recently changed to provide valuable learning for people of all experiences and titles within the dev space. So whether your primarily role is a dev (frontend or backend), dev-ops, testing, or even a manager their is both a track and talks tailed to helping you better your career. CodeMash Conference also does an amazing job of providing value and entertainment extending past the day sessions. From the exclusive pool party in the famouse Kalahari Waterpark, to the family friendly games and entertainment it has something for everyone.

The conference organizers also do an amazing job of catering to the needs of it's attendees. They provide meals for all of those with dietery restraints and event provide free shuttles for those staying off campus.


My biggest complain is that you are only able to stay at the Kalahari Resort if you stay for the 4 day's (2 days of workshops and the 2 day conference). Though they do their best to provide commuting from off campus as simple as possible with their shuttle tracker app along with free shuttle service, it still doesn't beat the convenience of staying at the Kalahari itself.

Learning Take Away's

  1. Vertical Slices Are Awesome - I started using this pattern and Jimmy Bogard's talk reassured my thoughts on the pattern even more.
  2. Cory FREAKING House - ALWAYS gives a great talk
  3. ViewJs - is the perfect framework for newbies
  4. React - is still awesome and used by A LOT of teams
  5. Bold Penguine - is such an inspiring company
  6. Consulting - I can't wait to do this fulltime
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