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Honduras - Fiesta De Los Sueños

November 04, 2019

I just got back from my 5th trip to Honduras over the past few years. Every trip I am reminded that it is such a beautiful country. Though America has it's challenges (and we certainly are not perfect) it does not even compare to other countries on so many ways. You see countries like Honduras don't have the time to complain about the things we in America often find ourself doing, because they are too busy trying to do things like feeding their families.

What I Know

Almost 70% of Honduras is under the age of 25. Its just full of young people! This is both a good thing and a bad thing. With such a young populus it is much easier to bring about change (which is one of the biggest reasons I do the work that I do in Honduras). However, with so many young people their are A LOT of kids everywhere. 75% of homes are single mothers who find them selves each day working just to bring enough food home to keep their family alive. This means that their teenagers, kids, toddlers and even infants are left fending for themselves. These are some of the things that are almost impossible for most of us in America to even fatham.

I also know that despite the challenges it faces, the work we are doing in Honduras is REALLY working! This is exciting to me. I've constantly asked myself how effective am I actually being in Honduras. Like am I really making a difference? This was the trip that I will always point to for now on. We really started to see the fruits of our labor.

What We Did

We brought 15 other people with us on this trip. Anytime you are bringing a decent size group with us, it makes the trip most certainly more adventerous. The 4 day trip featured some of the following items:

  1. A Few Airplanes
  2. 2 Large Outdoor Events
  3. 2 Pizza Parties
  4. A Trip To An Awesome Waterfall
  5. A Visit With A Local Coffee Farmer
  7. Power Chicken
  8. A Few Hours Of Sleep Here & There

What I Learned

Our last night we went visited a village outside of one of Honduras's largest cities San Pedro Süla. This "village" seamed so tiny untill we learned that over 100,000 people lived there. We also learned that this was the village where the famous "Honduras Caravans" were coming from. You see Hope is such a powerful thing. Without it, we grow weary and ultimately depressed and event desperate. For all of you who are blessed like me to grow up in a healthy, happy family in the midwest of the United States of America, PLEASE be appreciate. So many others are WAY less fortunate than you or I.

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